Sunday, December 14, 2014

Happy Holidays

Fit for a princess if I do say myself!

Clawtooth: Snug as a Bug C88-Dec. 2014

(NO) Skinny Jeans -  Houndstooth C88-Dec. 2014
.Atomic. {Darling Sweater} Set 2 C88-Dec. 2014
FLite.-First Winter Boots Coal C88-Dec. 2014

[tea.s] Princess Monogram Necklace - I
Noodles - Darling Ear Muffs C88-Dec. 2014
{anc} friedwildberry (mouthy) (The Arcade 2014 Gift)

[PF] Doll V2 <Crystal> - Pure
[PF] Glossy Pout Lipstick

*BABY*: Winter Blush ~ Cherry

DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Skin AddOns ALL SKINTONES/freckles darker

*MC* "Falsies" Eyelash

[Buzz] Celestial Eyes - Chocolate

alterego I rudy antlers - white (group gift)

[DDD] Christmas Tree
[tea.s] Bah Humbug Bunting
Sway's [Star] three & 1 (The Arcade  2014 Gift)
-Pixicat- Christmas.Wreath (The Arcade  2014 Gift)
DRD ebenezers fireplace (gacha)
*MishMish* Hammie & Stocking (The Arcade  2014 Gift)
.aisling. Monbo Sapin - Vert  (The Arcade  2014 Gift)
flowey's publishing / 12 Restarts of Christmas by Laggy Clause (The Arcade  2014 Gift)
{anc} friedwildberry. ''petit pot'' (The Arcade  2014 Gift)
floorplan.&Con. cozy couch / coffee C88-Dec. 2014
Meli Imako Mesh Xmas Decoration
Pixel Mode - Ornament Box - Green/Red
Alouette - Christmas Deer Ornament (The Arcade  2014 Gift)
LAQ Decor ~ Angel Chimes (Gift!) (2013)

Kirin - Lilly Pose 3

Monday, December 8, 2014

Purple Snow

I couldn't pick between the 3 so you get all 3 lmao!

Foxes - Woodland Wonderland - Dress & Boots - Lavender- The Arcade
Foxes - Woodland Wonderland - Fur Muff - Lav- The Arcade
[Foxes by Birdy] Coming soon

+Spellbound+ Dreamy Bear 2 -The Arcade- Dec.2014
(Chemistry) Hair - Prue bangs (rigged)

Skin & Addons
[PF] Doll V2 <Crystal> - Pure
:*BABY*: Winter Blush ~ Cherry
DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Skin AddOns ALL SKINTONES:freckles darker

Eyes & Lashes
[Buzz] Celestial Eyes - Chocolate
- DAMNED - Flirty Eyelashes

+Half-Deer+ Winter Whimsy - Winter in a Cup (Penguin)-The Arcade


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Baby it's cold outside!

It's time for that cold weather gear! The great thing about that is you can still look cute while wearing all those layers!

Scarf & Bag
[tea.s] Scouts Scarf - Chibi (Geeks N' Nerds Fair)
[tea.s] Furrball's Satchel -F-
                 [tea.s] Flickr

Coat & Boots
.tsg. Puffy Coat - Choco (Kawaii Project)
.tsg. V.I.P Group Gift Nov 2014 Preppy Boots Leo

-Buttery Toast- Toasty Ears - Pink (TDRF)

.ploom. Nyx - Browns (Kawaii Project)

[PF] Doll V2 <Crystal>
[PF] Doll V2 <Crystal> - Thin Gloss

[Buzz] Celestial Eyes - Chocolate

- DAMNED - Flirty Eyelashes

Kirin - Rumi Pose 3

 Winter Holiday Village

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bleh cold, but I'm still cute!

[tea.s] Bunny Ring comes with a hud that I showed in a previous post
to change colors, it also has a variety of metals to choose from!

You can find the [tea.s] necklace at
Xiasumi School Festival in an assortment of colors.
There are 3 different chain colors black, gold and silver!

[tea.s] Tortured Heart - Gold - Black - Xiasumi School Festival
[tea.s] Bunny Ring - Gold

::C'est la vie !:: Wool Sweater(leopard)

[Cynful] Skinny Jeans - LightBlue

REIGN.-Laced Lavie Boot- (Cocoa)

(Chemistry) Hair - Sirena (XLong)
(Chemistry) Pom Pom Beanie - Marketplace

-Glam Affair - Lauren - America - C88 Nov '14

[Buzz] Celestial Eyes - Chocolate

- DAMNED - Flirty Eyelashes

Location of photo:  SLURL

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Admit One

Ahhh! tea.s is at it again! I sat here for two days trying to figure out what
 I could complete my outfit and then all of a sudden tea.s's Ticket Clutch came in the mail,
 I was so friggen excited I didn't know which color to go with! Each of the colors
come in gold or silver so that makes it even more awesome. I just love taking
close ups of her work, she just does an amazing job!
So make sure you mark it on the calendar it's
 Coming to Cirque De Seraphim November 16, 2014.
Gyazo from Tea-All the Colors


[tea.s] Ticket Clutch - Pink.1 / Silver
Coming to Cirque De Seraphim November 16, 2014
[tea.s] Bunny Ring - Silver
[tea.s] Pixi Dust Necklace - Silver

.tsg. Mirai Glasses - Pink
.tsg. Ruffle Platforms - WoodxLavenda

MINA - Carlijn - Ombres pastel - TDRF

Body & Clothing

<UTILIZATOR> - M3 Mesh Anime Head 1.9.0
<UTILIZATOR> - Kemono Body v1.12.5
<UTILIZATOR> - Kemono kneesocks - Human

[Torchi's] Oversized T-shirt for Kemono

Texture Mods
.:: POMF ::. Dolly Eyes - Purple

Skin-Mad Echo - Hikaru M3 Skin - Tone A (Bare)
Brows-Mad Echo - m3 Soft Brows (included in Skin Pack)

.::Lolliwood Boulevard::. - Unicorn Amost Freebie for [Torchi's] Oversized T-shirt for Kemono
..(coming soon)..
.::Lolliwood Boulevard::. Kemono Knee Sock Mod with Crown Bows      ..(coming soon)..

.::Lolliwood Boulevard::. is going to be a Sister store of The Au Natural Cupcake, it will cater to mesh mods and all that cool stuffs. I decided to do it this way so that it won't frustrate customers in the future when I have more clothing mods etc.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cuteness for all!

Everyone been to Nuville Horrors yet?
Gosh if not it is so worth the time and so well planned out I want to go through it again and again!
The above shot is including many of the items they have
 for trick or treating in the Nuville apartments!
It starts you off in a very lovely bus ride to the apartments with a rather cheeky skeleton xD
It does have a small fee for a pass but is well beyond worth it as you can see in the picture.
Also, the mummy's, bats, ghoul and cherub are all avatars that you can wear!
I don't want to ruin the surprise of Nuville Horror so I am going to end it there!
*The only thing that isn't part of Nuville horrors is the really cute avatar from MishMish
 I am wearing and the *Tori-Tastic* bow that is soon to be released :D*
*Tori-Tastic* Spooky Ghost Bow

*MishMish* Scawy Monster - Avatar RARE- Tag! Gacha Event- Blog

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tea.s with Dorothy!

On the search for my dear friends, Tin  man, Scarecrow, and the Lion.
Toto and I were interrupted in the most delicate way!
Tea Soup had contacted me to be an official
 blogger for [tea.s] and it just beyond made my day!
Do please enlarge the photo by clicking to see the detail.
Here are some links, you should check out!
○ Tea's Plurk - Flickr - MP 

[tea.s] Skull Candy Necklace
[tea.s] I C U Ring - Silver
[tea.s] Sir Bones Earring - Silver

**Dirty Princess**Daddy's Lil Dorothy Princess Mesh Outifit
**Dirty Princess**Storybook Couture Princess Mesh Heels-Dorothy

Hair, Eyes & Skin
(Chemistry) Hair - Prue

[Buzz] Bewitched Eyes - Pitch- Kustom9 Oct. 2014

.Atomic. Skin {Innocence}

Meshy Parts
Slink Feet & Hands

Pose: Kirin - Summer Pose 2

Location: Magic of Oz

Friday, October 24, 2014

Even a witch needs to be prepared

This shot is raw with the fairy blue WL setting

+Spellbound+ Velvet // Ash Brown  Tag event

Wimey: Are You My Mummy? Mask - Fifty Linden Friday

Violent Seduction - Thorn Queen Corset (Not Available) past Enchanted prize
She does have other green tones available though :D

.tsg. Heartless :: Witch ::  Not Available past Enchanted prize

Garbaggio // Eyeball Ring- Creepy Cutie Carnaval

:[P]:- Slink Applier HUD:// Cupcake (received from friend, not sure which event it's from)

Cherry Bombs Breasts v0.03

Slink Casual Hands

*MishMish* Halloween Bounting 3m 3LI  (Group gift Not Positive if it's available still)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Creepy Cutie Carnival!

Creepy Cutie Carnival

                                   Blog  &  SLURL

I didn't want to waste any time taking a picture of each and every vendor
 because the carnival ends on the 31st! So I am just linking the events
Blog and the SLURL above so you can check it out for yourself!
There are gachas which you will find as the graveyard which
oddly enough fits well...if you know what I mean hehe.
When looking around I found some of the creepiest cute stuff out there :D
So get your creepy cutie butts down there fast because only 11 days left!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Out of Reach

Was having a bit of fun with the outfit,
so I decided to go the artsy route xD
Clicky to make it bigger <3

Double the trouble!
 Actually I just wanted to show the bruises
and such in better lighting,
very good deal as always from Corvus.
The dress from -Pixicat- I am in love with!
Also loving that most from here comes
 with more than one color in a hud.
As usual, the textures are amazing :D

Hair is from .ploom. at Candy Fair 2014 ,
Color packs come with a hud and you can also make
the candy in the hair invisible along with a nice variety
 of color options for the candy and bows if you choose to.
It may or may not be an exclusive to the fair
so better go check it out before it's over!

Ok, so I have a problem....
[MODA] keeps taking all my money! xD
Elona actually gave these to me to blog though haha! Score!
The above picture is in Ultra settings and the lower picture is in low
graphics which most of us use when not at home or traveling around.
 So, this just means that these shoes look flippen awesome with or with
out that graphics boost :D

Dead Version

Corvus : Damaged Eye Makeup
Corvus : Body Bruises

-Pixicat- TheDark.Dress (Flats)


.ploom. Lollipop Girl - Browns - Candy Fair 2014

MG - Earrings - Delightful Dahlia

Normal Version:

.Atomic. Skin {Innocence}
[Buzz] Celestial Eyes - Chocolate
*MC* "Falsies" Eyelash
DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Skin AddOns ALL SKINTONES
freckles darker

Slink Female Feet & Hands

Facebook Blog

Friday, September 26, 2014

Pink Bishes

Juicy from Bishes Inc. sent me these shoes the other day and I about died!
I wanted to make sure and get a blog post out as soon as I could so I can share them with everyone! She has a huge selection of colors to choose from so make sure you stop down there!
Bishes Inc~  <<clicky!

This cute purse was featured at N21, while not there anymore I am sure you can find it at their main store!

Tee*fy Celeste  Dress Pink N21

Bishes Inc~  Lightpink  & Silver Studs- New Release

PIDIDDLE - Sweet Treat Bag - Cotton Candy - Past round of N21

(Yummy) Beaded Statement Necklace - Current round of C88
(Yummy) Beaded Statement Earring

.Atomic. Skin {Innocence} Sugar
.Atomic. Skin_Cleavage Enhancer 

IKON Perspective Eyes - Storm

*MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper+Lower 


Slink Hands & Feet

Pose: Kirin - My Cute Pinwheel Pose 4

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Thank you to my sponsors for making this HOT outfit happen! 


-[Kart'!.]- Corset Barbie (Top) MP
Blueberry  Kote *Mesh* Mini Skirt


*Soonsiki~ After School *Blacks*

.Pekka. Vintage - Dark red Lips w/ Cat eyeliner

.DirtyStories. Emo Collar (Group Gift)

Cherry Bomb Breasts

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


-[Kart'!.]- Corset Mir Design
M&M Incorporated - Slutty Condom - Bitch (Gacha)

[VN]Bone Daddy - Cross my Heart - Bow - Black-District 5
Riske - Robie Harness-District 5
REIGN.- High Society Heels- Black  (STRAPPED)-District 5

+Spellbound+ Suspiria -  // Merlot (Gacha)

POMPOSITY - Worded Heart Thigh Band / Garter - BABY GIRL

*BOOM* Dollhouse  wrist cuff & ankle cuffs

.Atomic. Skin {Innocence} Sugar
[Buzz] Celestial Eyes - Chocolate- Kustom9

DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Skin AddOns-freckles darker
*MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper+Lower

*Epic* Kyoot Succubus' Heart Tail {Flesh}-{Roped}
*Epic VIP Gift* Spiked Black Succubus Horns!
Cute Poison - Diamond Star Ring - Black
<- PoM ->  - Madonna - Silver

Cherry Bombs Breasts v0.03
** Phat Azz (not available)-CK Winx
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands & Feet

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DJ Bully Turtle Mix

Saying Goodbye to Summer

~Blacklace~ Charlie: Pink & Aqua Sting Bikini
This item does come with appliers, I just chose not to wear them today :P

*Soonsiki! Spin the bottle - Kustom9

[Buzz] Celestial Eyes - Chocolate - Kustom9

.tsg. Moon Princess Crown - SugarxSilver (Exclusive Group Gift) She has a ton of other colors newly released in her store!

*BOOM* MiROBOT Necklace - Starbot Tiffany - Kustom9

. Sweet Thing. Raining Cupcakes Necklace (Starshine) - The Gacha Mania  (special thankes to my Jee Crazyboi for getting this for me!!!)
. Sweet Thing. Violet Melty Moon Earrings (Starshine)- The Gacha Mania -Website

[whatever] Teeth 2.0 - Braces
[whatever] Lip Alpha Nr. 05

*Fact I just learned while trying to blog these teeth, invisiprims do not show up with the advanced lighting model on! I was clearly stumped or would of had this blog out days ago lolll.

<- PoM ->  - Madonna - Silver - Mouth (I have had this for ages so I am not sure this is available anymore.

- DAMNED - Flirty Eyelashes

.Atomic. Skin {Innocence} Sugar

DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Skin AddOns ALL SKINTONES (Freckles)

#adored - dots life pack 2 {slink}

Alchemy/Birdy - Chi Chi Chihuahua - Bow - Dark Brown ( Chapter Four - Chapter 15 )
(Thank you to Moni Pants for supplying me with her!)
Kirin Poses - My Cute Pinwheel Pose 5

Location: [       Elysion Adult Lounge    ]  

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Groupie 3

Sadly the hair and headphones are from project limited
but the main store may have copies left so you can always hope!
I keep trying something new with my blog posts to find where
I fit and I am going to have to say I am really liking this layout! xD

alterego I sketchy skirt

Blueberry - Jada - Reflective Tied Bustier - S Black

Lolita - Malefice Bikini - MP


*Soonsiki! Rebel (Past round of Project Limited)

Riske - Deadwave Steampunk Headphones (past round of Project Limited)

POMPOSITY - Worded Heart Thigh Band / Garter - BRAT

.:TANC:. Cuffs (New release coming soonish)
.:TANC:. Bull/ Girl Necklace - MP

.SALT - Naugthy GACHA Common BLUSH

Pixel Geek - Eat me/cupcakes tattoo

DeeTaleZ shaved no tattoo
DeeTaleZ real eyes V2 bluegreen

[theSkinnery] Quiana gloss 2

- DAMNED - Flirty Eyelashes

** Cute Azz

.Atomic. Skin {Innocence}
.Atomic.  Skin_Cleavage Enhancer

Kirin - Lilly Pose 1

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Little Things in Life are what Matter the most!

Tee*fy Aphrodite Dress S Pink (Collabor88 August)

. Sweet Thing. Rainbow Love Cutie Hair Clip
Set below
. Sweet Thing. Rainbow Love Cutie Ring
. Sweet Thing. Rainbow Love Cutie Earrings
. Sweet Thing. Rainbow Love Cutie Necklace
(She is rewarding a cool gift when she reaches 250 likes :D)


.tsg. Mori Eyes - Hazel

- DAMNED - Flirty Eyelashes

:[P]:- Slink Applier [NAILS-]:// Superbare 

Alchemy/Birdy - Chi Chi Chihuahua - Bow - Dark Brown ( Chapter Four - Chapter 15 )

.Atomic. Skin {Innocence}
.Atomic. Skin_Cleavage Enhancer 

Magika [Hair] Honest

Slink Hands & Feet

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Sponsored by M&M

The outfit comes with tons of appliers including: Lola, Slink & Azz 

M&M Incorporated - Dana Outfit - Pink - Fashion Wardrobe

[theSkinnery] Quiana

*Soonsiki! - Rebel (Project Limited)

(*chanimations - FetishCabaret (Set 13) BOX - "TiedSuspension"

Slink Feet & Hands

Blindfold was in my RLV folder *shrugs* xD

The windlight used was London2050 on Firestorm

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Me being me!

Yep, the fish bag again! xD This thing suits me all too well.
I went to a friends DJ set in this and of course with my chair!
He get's into my box, "You are one of a kind booboo"
That I am and there is always one of them in the family!

Come closer and gazzeeee into my beautiful new eyes!
They are a new release from The Skinnery,
 I was so excited when I seen them come through flickr

So, I hadn't planned on doing a blog today at all
but then my friend Luci sends me this freakin adorable pygmy goat!
I squealed of course xD

To top it off, I log for a little bit to try to sleep which I failed
 miserably at and a few hours later I log in and find this in my
IM box from Luci again! This woman spoils me xD
I myself am trying my hardest to stay away from
gachas but with what the creators have been creating it
is getting harder and harder every day!


[theSkinnery] Quiana
[theSkinery] Maple eye - Wiskey

*Milk* now SOONSIKI Hair~Winx (featured at Hair Fair 2014)

*MishMish* Shiba Tank White (Past FLF)

.:TANC:. Jean Shorts-MP

:::LP::: Goldfish_Messenger Bag L - KoiKoi (Group Gift)

^^Swallow^^ Watch Pink Silver -TDRF

[tea.s] Mint Cone Necklace - Silver (Past FLF)

/// offbeat /// ICE Factory Rabbit - 06-Chapter Four

+H-Dr+ Itty-Bitty Pygmy Goat - Kissyface - The Seasons Story

Pure Poison - Kate Sandals - for SLINK

- DAMNED - Flirty Eyelashes

Blaise - Hello Kitty Nails HUD- MP

Location: [       Elysion Adult Lounge    ]  

Sunday, August 3, 2014

That's right bitches, I got me a new chair and fishy bag!

I can take this chair anywhere! Right here you will see me on a cliff enjoying the views of Elysion!

I can also take it with me when I go shopping!
Also notice beer in hand (I actually think beer is gross but it adds to the scenes)

Feeling right at home at the raceway,
 having my own seat I have the front row!
Though it seems pretty empty right now O.o

Off to Pinwheels I go!  Info
I started looking at the destination guide
 and spotted bright colors so of course I had to check it out.

Another one caught my attention...
Land of the Giants

The paparazzi seemed overly eager to see me O.o

So I sit in the door for few minutes
 trying to decide if I should go in.

Uh yep I went in. After the leprechaun abandoned
 me in the carriage ride I got off of it and went out on my own.
Yeah not such a good idea, I seen this and ran like hell!

*wipes her brow*
 I quick open the destination guide and end up at Artisits Garden
Very big and open, very pretty.

So I tried flying with the chair,
I guess I can say it wasn't the best landing ever...
Please be reminded never to drink and drive.

Oh! I almost forgot!

{what next} Anywhere Deckchair - VIP Group Gift (join fee)
{what next} Large Beer  (comes with the chair among other neato stuff)
~Blacklace~ Sally: Jean Set
:::LP::: Goldfish_Messenger Bag - KoiKoi- Group Gift (join fee)
*Milk*/SOONSIKI  Hair~Winx
Pure Poison - Kate Sandals - for SLINK Flat

The End.