Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wizarding 2015

Amazingly cute stuff at the Wizarding Faire 2015!
I was so excited to be able to put my FATEplay outfit back on for sure!

Close-ups-you can click to make picture bigger!
Ring and Necklace- Nerdology
Wand Krave
Key +Half-Deer+

FATEplay - Jenny - Gryffindor Black   

{N} Carry Along Familiar - Owl  Wizarding Faire 2015
{N} Seeker's Dream Ring :: House Pride ::  Wizarding Faire 2015
{N} Owl Messenger Necklace--Gold  Wizarding Faire 2015

DP - Koffin Nails - Slink Nails HUD - The Hallows Mark  Wizarding Faire 2015

[KRAVE/Strike it] Fantasy Wand Nokturn Black (I actually didn't use the pose included :/)

+Half-Deer+ Magical Flying Key - Leo   Wizarding Faire 2015

Pose: .GlamRus. Wand Stand 05 - COMMON Wizarding Faire 2015

Slink Physique Mesh Body V2.3.1
ISON - Poppy - Hair Fair 2015

Sunday, July 12, 2015

In her moment of weakness

Bishes Inc. has released a new cute pantie! It comes in rigged sizes as well as one that isn't rigged for those of you that would rather edit it to your body! It comes in a variety of different colors so make sure you stop by and try out a demo!
Also in the bottom right of the picture you can view one of my favorite nails from DP- Koffin Nails, more details below!

Bishes Inc- Silky Panties Pink

DP - Koffin Nails - Maitreya - Fragmented Heart w/Tips

[Fetch] Bow Cuffs - ROMP (ends July 17th)
**Also I will note, in order to use the cuff the way I did in this picture it was rezzed to the ground and positioned! Otherwise to wear there is a back animation as well as a front version**

+elua+ Oceana_Darkbrown - you can find this hair at Summerfest '15 which ends today but you should be able to find the hair in store some time after the event :D

Maitreya Lara Body


[Deadwool] Hugo shirt - denim black - TMD

*Dura-Boy*61 HAIR - DARK COLOR - TMD

Sunday, July 5, 2015

!! Nerdapalooza 2015 !!

!! Nerdapalooza 2015 !!
Many amazing people contributing to the Nerds For A Cure, Relay for Life event that just opened up today!
I tried taking as many pictures as possible so everyone could see what items are available and I have to say a lot of them are amazing!
 Remember, a lot but not all vendors have arrows on them so you can sift through the different versions of the products that are in there.
All Official Relay for Life Vendors give 100% to the cause!
There are also fun games at the location to play and some even give prizes!

Compliance Productions


:Rad Designs




Kelli's Kreations


Desi's Prints

Rising Hystyria

=**.::CR Designz::.**= 



The Artist Shed



The Au Naturel Cupcake




Secret Love





 :Madness: Within:

 :Madness: Within:

 :Madness: Within:

Moonlit Modifications.



Pixel Panda

Pixel Panda


Jester Inc

Jester Inc



Gotya Machines