Friday, October 24, 2014

Even a witch needs to be prepared

This shot is raw with the fairy blue WL setting

+Spellbound+ Velvet // Ash Brown  Tag event

Wimey: Are You My Mummy? Mask - Fifty Linden Friday

Violent Seduction - Thorn Queen Corset (Not Available) past Enchanted prize
She does have other green tones available though :D

.tsg. Heartless :: Witch ::  Not Available past Enchanted prize

Garbaggio // Eyeball Ring- Creepy Cutie Carnaval

:[P]:- Slink Applier HUD:// Cupcake (received from friend, not sure which event it's from)

Cherry Bombs Breasts v0.03

Slink Casual Hands

*MishMish* Halloween Bounting 3m 3LI  (Group gift Not Positive if it's available still)

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