Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Bishes Inc Cheeky dresses will be available at Fashion Fair 2015 which opens this weekend!
Appliers that are included are:
               ♥Phat/Cute Azz
            ♥Mesh Project

Dress & Heels!

Bishes Inc ~ Cheeky dress Cherry & Black - Fashion Fair 2015


.aisling. Elyan Bracelets- Gacha

%.:EC:. Noctaly Cross necklace  (both items were color moded by me to match the bracelets)
%.:EC:. Leash on mouth-part of: [ So HaRd ] OpenCollar

{alterego} money garter

Skin & Components 
[PF] Doll V2 <Crystal>

*MC* "Falsies" Eyelashes

[Buzz] Lillian Eyes - Hazel

Magika [Hair+] Stay

:[P]:- Slink Applier [NAILS-Hands]:// Samba

Mesh Parts
Cherry Bombs Breasts v0.05

** Cute Azz n/a

Slink Mesh Hands & Feet

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sometimes we feel like a Nutty Trotter or 10!

Albert, Amadeus, Charles, Frida, Galileo,
 Karl, Marie, Sigmund, Sir  Isaac & Tchaikovsky !

Oh and me of course xD

MadPea Nutty Trotters -  OMG Gacha - They are a must have and oh so fun to play with, there is a video at the bottom of the blog of one of them in action xD I am in freakin looove!

[tea.s] Pandy Charm Earring
[tea.s] Pandy Charm Ring             These were a FLF special, I am sorry  
[tea.s] Pandy Charm Necklace                if you missed it but they                                                                                                                                  are still available!

.:TANC: Babygirl Block Bracelet MP
.:TANC:. Daddy'sPrincess Tank MP
Af Cotton Pants (Stiffkey)
[Miseria] Bunny Slippers - Pink -Chapter Four

[PF] Doll V2 <Crystal>

:[P]:-Slink Nail Appliers:// Superbare Gloss

[Buzz] Lillian Eyes - Hazel
*MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper+Lower

booN KGI848 hair brown
.b brown hair base - root

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The little things in life....

The little things in life that make us happy. One of them for me is being able to dress up when I have no where to go and just be me, a princess of course! Along with the little friend from Birdy - Candy LOLlama my friend Luci gave me today and a beautiful place to take pictures such as Elysion which I seem to have some sort of fascination with when taking a majority of my photos. lol

The  accessories!
[tea.s] Pixi Dust Necklace - Silver
(Yummy) Work Pearls Stud (R)  - White
Birdy - Candy LOLlama - Companion - Magic RARE-The Chapter Four-Chapter 20

The Dress!
*{Junbug}* The Debutante II [Blush] - Fameshed

little bones. Sapphire - Uber

[PF] Doll V2 <Crystal>
[PF] Doll V2 <Crystal> - Thin Gloss

Eyes,lashes & Freckles
[Buzz] Lillian Eyes - Hazel Kustom9
*MC* "Falsies" Eyelash
DeeTaleZ Freckles "Chocolate Splits" The Chapter Four-Chapter 20

Kirin - Nana Pose 4

I am going to include Low Graphic pictures to show just how awesome it all is!


Location: [ Elysion Adult Lounge ]

Friday, January 2, 2015


Sadly I didn't have a second person to show the awesomeness of this sled! xD maybe next time :P

MadPea Blind Slide sled RARE- Merry Crisis Gacha at Death Row Island (ends tomorrow!)
They will be available after the event in the store so don't worry if you miss it!

[PF] Doll V2 <Crystal>

TRUTH HAIR Aspen [Brown] Subscriber Gift!

Foxes - Frumpy Sweater - Med - O Deer - Group Giift! (fee)

REIGN.- Not Your Momma's Knit Boots-Group Gift! (fee)

[:ME:] Megumi (Breeze) Mesh Skinny Jeans - Creator- Ydreece Forster
These jeans were a Seraphim Birthday Gift from a while ago O.o
annd they still fit! yay me! xD

Location: Ēlýsion Adult Lounge - Amaaazing Place :D
Syn Beresford - Owner
Blog for more info :D Clicky!