Saturday, November 1, 2014

Admit One

Ahhh! tea.s is at it again! I sat here for two days trying to figure out what
 I could complete my outfit and then all of a sudden tea.s's Ticket Clutch came in the mail,
 I was so friggen excited I didn't know which color to go with! Each of the colors
come in gold or silver so that makes it even more awesome. I just love taking
close ups of her work, she just does an amazing job!
So make sure you mark it on the calendar it's
 Coming to Cirque De Seraphim November 16, 2014.
Gyazo from Tea-All the Colors


[tea.s] Ticket Clutch - Pink.1 / Silver
Coming to Cirque De Seraphim November 16, 2014
[tea.s] Bunny Ring - Silver
[tea.s] Pixi Dust Necklace - Silver

.tsg. Mirai Glasses - Pink
.tsg. Ruffle Platforms - WoodxLavenda

MINA - Carlijn - Ombres pastel - TDRF

Body & Clothing

<UTILIZATOR> - M3 Mesh Anime Head 1.9.0
<UTILIZATOR> - Kemono Body v1.12.5
<UTILIZATOR> - Kemono kneesocks - Human

[Torchi's] Oversized T-shirt for Kemono

Texture Mods
.:: POMF ::. Dolly Eyes - Purple

Skin-Mad Echo - Hikaru M3 Skin - Tone A (Bare)
Brows-Mad Echo - m3 Soft Brows (included in Skin Pack)

.::Lolliwood Boulevard::. - Unicorn Amost Freebie for [Torchi's] Oversized T-shirt for Kemono
..(coming soon)..
.::Lolliwood Boulevard::. Kemono Knee Sock Mod with Crown Bows      ..(coming soon)..

.::Lolliwood Boulevard::. is going to be a Sister store of The Au Natural Cupcake, it will cater to mesh mods and all that cool stuffs. I decided to do it this way so that it won't frustrate customers in the future when I have more clothing mods etc.

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