Wednesday, March 4, 2015

CupcakStamp's Not so Real Estate

My clothing will be on another blog post coming soon!
There are also pictures that you can make bigger below for better viewing :D

Trompe Loeil - Shotgun Shack Prytania - Arcade March '15

MadPea Buried Info!
MadPea Buried Water Bottle
MadPea Buried Binoculars Wearable

MadPea Wrinkle Free (Rare)
MadPea Space for Dreaming (Rare)
MadPea Spotless Floors
MadPea Pure Mind
MadPea Ex-boyfriend's Junk
MadPea Shiny Shoes
MadPea Stainless Toilet
All of these can be found at the Arcade March 2015!

{what next} Princess Helicopter Arcade March '15

{what next} Rustic Bramley Porch Swing
{what next} Cottage Washing Line
{what next} Bear Canyon Sleeping Bag #1
{what next} CampOut Stool (camo)

LAQ Decor ~ Toilet (Wood)

[*Art Dummy!] and we fall. (bed) (not available that I know of)




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