Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sweet & Salty

Excuse my lack there of with posts the past few weeks! It it has been hectic with a new Nephew born and well it just being somewhat nice outside! I hope this makes up for it! I have been meaning to blog a couple of these items for a while now just have been bleh not in the mood to do pictures xD

On Sarah's tosies and fingers, WHH Hunt Prize (1L) Hunt Site

Right: Sarah

[PF] Harley v2 <Crystal> Group Gift
Foxes - The Gamer - Lunar Puss - Med - RARE 
{N} Kitty Bag-Fantasies - Cosmopolitan

+Spellbound+ Muse (Prints) // Chapter III : Magic - Arcade June 2015
IKON Spectral Eyes (right) - Ghost
DP - Koffin Nails - Slink - Pentacle Passion  WHH Hunt Prize (1L) Hunt Site

Slink Hands and Feets

Left: Isaboo

Foxes - The Gamer - Sparkle Puss -  Med - RARE 
Foxes - Bunneh Book Bag -  Small - RARE

{N} KittyRing--Candy Metals - Cosmopolitan
{N} Kitty Bag-Domestics - Cosmopolitan
{Imeka} Cupcake Necklace With Bow teeny shape - Kawaii Project

+Spellbound+ Melody (Candy) // Chapter I : Earth - Arcade June 2015

Slink Physique Mesh Body V2.3.1
Slink Hands and Feets

{N} Cupcake Pillow--Rez - Ai Gacha
{N} ToasterStrudel Pillow--Rez - Ai Gacha

[RI] Beary Darling Bed RARE - Arcade June 2015

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